#StayHomeClub - Let's take care of each other. Wear a mask!!




Blogger.com only.


you can check here.


post: 800px
the width can be changed using Blogger Template Designer.


top menu with labels gadget, social media icons, page list gadget, archive gadget and search button;
gadgets: related posts with image thumbnails, popular posts, youtube, instagram, twitter, pinterest and follow by email;
post share buttons;
contact form page;
♥ button for posts.


colours and fonts can be changed with Blogger Template Designer.

 Instant download

zip file that includes: .xml template + instructions.


i provide the template, you provide the content.
the images and text used on the demo version are merely illustrative and are not for sale.


if you have any question feel free to contact me. i will be glad to help you!

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