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Hey you! First of all, thanks for buying from The Basic Page! You deserve all the love!
And I hope you really enjoy your new blog design!

Please fill in the following form so I can install the theme for you.
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After sending me the installation form, you need to put me as admin of your blog so I can install everything. You don't have to send me your log in or password. Follow the instructions below.
1. Go to the SETTINGS section of your blog.
2. Click on BASIC.
3. Find the PERMISSIONS area and click on + ADD AUTHORS.
4. Type my email (hello@thebasicpage.com) on the box and invite me.
This first invitation will put me only as an author of your blog. So once I've accepted it, I will ask you to go back to the permissions area and put me as admin of your blog. Then I will be able to install everything.
If you have any problem or question regarding the process, feel free to contact via email at: hello@thebasicpage.com

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